Lunecase Brings Notifications to the Back of your iPhone

04/29/2014 15:54

A brand new Kickstarter project, called Lunecase, brings notifications to the back of your iPhone. All it is is a case that you put on your iPhone. When a notification comes through different icons will light up on the back that correspond with the notification. This is a really great idea. Sometimes people just want to see if there is anything new, but don't want to actually turn on the screen to get more information than needed. 

This case has a few interesting secrets as well. It has no internal battery and doesn't even connect via Bluetooth to your phone. Instead, it uses electromagnetic energy to tell if you're getting a phone call or SMS.  

You can order the Lunecase from Kickstarter for only $29, but there are few. This case will work on the iPhone 5/5s and another one will work with the 5c. It's shipping date is expected for August of 2014.




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