iTunes 11

11/30/2012 16:32


iTunes 11 was released yesterday with plenty of new features. One of the most interesting feature is how you can redeem iTunes gift cards using the FaceTime camera on a Mac.

To redeem a gift card using the camera you go to iTunes (in the iTunes 11 version) and click redeem (after you click the iTunes store tab). Then you will get the option to redeem with your camera. Right now I’m still on iTunes 10, but I will update soon and will make a video on how to redeem with the camera.

Some of the new features include new ways to browse your music and videos. You can also see what is related to your songs in the iTunes store in your music. You can also make new playlists way easier. A cool new feature is up next. This feature shows you what songs are coming up after the song that you are currently listening to. You can also rearrange the songs that are coming up next. They have improved the searching of your songs. When you search it brings up all of the items you own, it will show you the album cover, and you can double click the song in search to play it. There’s a new icon in the top right corner next to the full screen button. The icon accesses the mini player and it is redesigned too. Also when you put your mouse over the mini player it shows the controls. If you are watching a movie on your iPad or your iPhone and you go to your Mac you can pick up right where you left off. Another feature in the iTunes store is when you preview a song and you keep looking around in the store the preview will keep playing. If you go to an artists page there will be a new tab that says concerts so you can see when that person will be having a concert. The final thing is that is simplified so non tech people can still use it.




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