iPhone mini?

01/04/2013 16:07


First the iPad mini and now the iPhone mini? Strategy Analytics analyst Neil Mawston thinks so. If the iPhone mini is going to be announced it will be in about 3 years. The iPhone mini will have the same looks and features of the normal iPhone, but will be a shrunken version of its big brother. Why would Apple make a mini iPhone? We believe that Apple would do it because they want to be the company that sells the most smart phones. From 2012 Samsung sold 31 percent of the smart phones and Apple wasn’t that far behind. If they make an iPhone mini it will be targeted to the people who want an iPhone, but can’t afford the full size one. The cost of the iPhone mini should be around the $150 mark when you get from a carrier like Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint. Do we think that there will be an iPhone mini? We think that there won’t be any talk of one for another couple of years (if Apple is even planning to make one). 




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