iPhone 6s Could be Thicker with Home Button

07/06/2015 09:58

There have been a few rumors that the iPhone 6s could eliminate a home button, adding more screen where it used to be. To get home would be a virtual, on-screen button would take its place. However, a new schematic obtained by Engadget suggests that there will be a real home button. On top of that it also seems like the phone will be thicker.

We’re not sure why it’s thicker, but have a good guess. With the Apple Watch and MacBook, Apple introduced a new technology called Force Touch. This senses how hard you press and completes different actions. For example, if you press harder on the watch face on the Apple Watch is shows you the other faces, where a tap and hold like you would do on an iPhone does nothing. There’s also several different actions that can be done with the Force Touch trackpad, as seen in a video we made a while back below. 

This could open a whole lot of possibilities for developers. An example is a drawing app. The harder you press the thicker and darker the line will be drawn. For an extra .2mm, to us it seems totally worth it. I find myself using Force Touch on my iPhone 6 in apps, being disappointed when nothing happens. This is something that I’m really looking forward to.

It could also be a little thicker because the phone’s rumored to spot 7000 series aluminum, which is what the Apple Watch Sport wears. This is a slightly better material than what’s on the iPhone right now and will last a little longer. Other than the thicker phone, nothing seems to have changed. All of the buttons and ports are the same with no overall design change. This is not surprising, however. Every other year Apple makes a big design change, but this year won’t be one of those. This new phone will adopt the “s”, which means that there’s a few “special” changes. 




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