iPhone 6 Cases Surface

04/11/2014 15:59

Alleged cases for the iPhone 6 have surfaced. This image from a case manufacturer was shared with Mobile Fun. There are two cases in the image. From what we know so far, the smaller one is for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6. The larger one is for either the 5.5-inch or 5.7-inch iPhone 6. At this point no one is quite sure which size it will be. Mobile Fun says that it will be 5.7 inches.

If you look at the smaller case is resembles the current iPhone 5s very much. If we didn't tell you anything you might think that it was for the iPhone 5s and not the 6. The larger one too looks like the current iPhone, but bigger. From what we can see it doesn't look like Apple did a major design change from the current model to this one. The only difference with the 5.7-inch iPhone 6 is that the corners are a little more rounded, the connectors and speaker are more spread out, and there is no grill for the microphone like the one on the right. 




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