iPhone 6 and $5,000 Giveaway

10/22/2014 17:50

For this first time, we’re giving away an iPhone 6. We’re teaming up with BoostInsider to giveaway not just one, but multiple iPhone 6 models. To enter to win an iPhone 6 is really easy. Just go here and play the game. Keep paying because at the end of the week a person with the highest score will win an iPhone 6. 

There’s also prizes for people who comes in second and third place. Second place receives a battery case for the iPhone 6 and third place gets a screen protector. We’ll pick three winners every week so keep playing because you’ll have a good chance of winning an iPhone 6. 

Also, if you have the highest score in a month then you will win $5,000! Again, you can go here and enter to win an iPhone 6, case, screen protector, and $5,000. Plus, when you click the link a little money goes to us so we can keep doing things like articles, videos… oh, and giveaways! 




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