iPhone 5S to Have Dual Flash?

05/23/2013 18:32


According to Macotakara, they say that the iPhone 5S will have dual flash. Dual flash was most popularly seen on the Samsung Galaxy S3, but was dropped with the S4. The advantage of dual flash is that it lights up more of the area to get brighter photos and an overall better picture. Now Macotakara thinks the iPhone 5S will have that. As you can see from the above picture, they think that Apple will incorporate the two flashes into one socket. However, rumors suggested that the iPhone 4S would ship with dual flash too. Also, if Samsung dropped the dual flash idea for their phone there might be a reason that they did that. Maybe because it wasn’t a good idea or effective? Do you think the iPhone 5S will have a dual flash? Email us your answer.

Source: Macotakara




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