iPhone 5S Revealed in New Photos

06/21/2013 09:28


MacRumors has received many photos that are said to be of the iPhone 5S. The photos were of the interior and back panel of the iPhone 5S. At a first glance, the above pictures look like any black and slate iPhone 5.

The back of the phone looks exactly like the iPhone 5, except for the longer flash. This is probably for the rumored dual flash. Other than that, you can tell the difference from the back of the 5 and the 5S.

The inside of the device is where you can see some differences. Earlier this week, a new logic board was leaked, which was said to be for the iPhone 5S. The picture shows an exact match to the logic board that was leaked.

The chip that makes the iPhone run is also a little different. All chips in the iPhone were labeled with a different A series name. The iPhone 4 ran the A4 chip, the 4S the A5, and the 5 the A6. This one does not have any version identifier. Also, on the lower right hand corner there is the number “1243”. This stands for when the chip was made. This shows that the chip was made in the 43rd week of 2012, which goes back to late October. This would be about a month after the iPhone 5 was announced, which seems a little strange that they would have a chip already made one month into the making of the iPhone 5S.

Finally, the new battery has a slightly longer life than the iPhone 5. The 5 has a 5.45Whr capacity, where the photos of the 5S have a 5.92Whr capacity. 




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