iPhone 5S and 5C Color Roundup

08/28/2013 15:24

There have been many rumors that the iPhone 5S will now come in two more color options. Apple currently sells a black iPhone and a white iPhone. Many people want an iPhone of a color other than white or black. The most recent rumor is suggesting that there will be four colors of the iPhone 5S, one of them being graphite. As seen in figure 2, there will be black glass on the top and bottom and light gray metal in the middle.

Some other rumors say the iPhone will also come in a champagne color. As seen in figure 4, there will be a white glass top and bottom with a light gold color middle.

If Apple does release four colors for the iPhone 5S the other two will the white and silver and black and slate, colors we currently have now. Figure 3 shows what the black and slate iPhone 5S might look like.

There have been many rumors that Apple will release a cheaper iPhone called the iPhone 5C. The colors that these are rumored to come in are white, yellow, green, blue, and red. Figure 1 shows them side-by-side.

All of these devices including new iPads are rumored to be announced at WWDC on September 10. As always we will have full coverage on this. 




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