iOS 7 Beta 1 Expires Today

07/24/2013 12:31


If you are still on beta 1 of iOS 7 you may have woken up to something a little different. Instead of going to your lock screen you may have been redirected to the set-up screen. Many people don’t even know that betas expire, but they do. I was one of them. My phone prompted my to plug it into iTunes. When I did that it said that the software on my iPhone has expired and needs to be updated to a newer version. It then tried to update, but said that it could not be updated because the apps could not be detected. Now I can’t do anything with my iPhone. Restoring from a backup or just restoring it wouldn’t work because Find my iPhone was on, and guess what? There is no way to turn it off except going into my device settings, but I can’t because it’s locked. If you are in the same trouble as me fear not. All you need to do is download beta 3 and install it on your device (if you can find a download for the firmware. The Dev Center was hacked and there is no way to get in). Easy!

Warning! iOS 7 beta 2 is rumored to expire on August 8th




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