iOS 8 Screenshot Shows New Apps

03/13/2014 16:02

A screenshot found by 9to5Mac that was posted to China's Weibo site shows some new apps that come built-in on iOS 8. Other than the new apps everything looks the same. The new icons found are Healthbook, Preview, and TextEdit. There is also another app called "Tips", but that's likely a web app from Apple giving you tips on your iPhone.

Healthbok is Apple's rumored app for fitness. This app may likely track steps taken, calories burned, activity level, sleep, and more. It's much like other third-party apps, such as Moves or the Fitbit app. Preview is a photo-viewing app that is built-in on a Mac. It seems a little odd that this would come with iOS because you can view and edit photos within the Photos app. TextEdit is also a built-in app on Mac. The app allows you to write documents. This, too, seems a little strange on iOS, since Apple is now offering Keynote, Pages, and Numbers for free with the purchase of an iOS device. 

However, many say that Apple is trying to integrate iCloud with iOS and OS X more with iOS 8, but it doesn't make sense why they wouldn't do it more with the iWork software. 




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