iOS 8.3 Allows Free Downloads without a Password

03/22/2015 09:21

When you download an item from the App Store, you have to enter in your password. This ensures that no one will be able to download things on an account that not theirs. Now, it’s been discovered that with the beta of iOS 8.3 you no longer need to enter a password for free purchases. This is not enabled by default. Rather, you have to go the iTunes & App Store settings and click on “Password Settings”. Then you will be able to turn off the toggle to require a password for free downloads.

This is a really great feature. We know that these items are free so there’s no need to have a password to ensure that you want to download it. And the option is there if you ever want to turn it back on. This just makes it a lot easier to download items from the App Store.

This new feature not only works for the App Store, but also Apple’s other stores. If there is free content within the iTunes or iBooks Store, you can download that as well without a password. We’re expecting this feature to roll out to iTunes and the Mac App Store very soon as well.

Source: 9to5Mac




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