iOS 8.2 to be Released in March

02/03/2015 15:14

Apple is going to release their upcoming iOS 8.2 in March, says BGR. Sources have said that Apple is planning a release sometime during the second week of March. According to previous rumors, Apple is expected to launch the Apple Watch in April. 

With the release of iOS 8.2 a month before the Apple Watch, this could allow developers to have more time to develop apps for the Apple Watch. Also if someone purchases the Apple Watch they will have the ability to connect and run it with their device right out of the box. This also gives users more time to update to iOS 8.2 before picking up the Apple Watch. 

iOS 8.2 isn’t expected to include many improvements. The main thing that we’re expecting is the ability to connect an Apple Watch. On the developer side of things, this version will allow developers to make a test apps for the watch.




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