iOS 7 Lightning Chip Detection has Been Cracked

06/24/2013 09:07


In iOS 7, when you plug in a third party Lightning cable you get a notification saying that the cable is not certified and may not work with your iPhone. When you plug in a cable made by Apple you don’t get that notification.

A third party company, iPhone5mod, created a Lightning cable for the iPhone 5 and tweaked the chip in the cable to bypass the notification. Now, when you plug in the cable it acts as if the cable was made by Apple.

The company told Cult of Mac that they have been hard at work for two weeks trying to make the chip bypass the message.

After 2 weeks of hard work, we have now made our chips to bypass this method and even all possible detections for future iOS 7.x release.

If Apple sees this they may change the way it detects the cable to have it see that the cable with the special chip is third party, not made by Apple. Another way Apple could fix this, which many people will not like, is to just eliminate the ability to use third party cables with iOS 7.

In this video, iPhone5mod shows how their cable bypasses the message compared to other third party cables and Apples cable.




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