iOS 7 Icon Grid Matches Real Apple Products

07/14/2013 13:56


When Jony Ive designed iOS 7’s icons, he used a gird that would make the icons look and fit right on the screen. From what you can see above, it looks like he has used the same method and grid with some of Apple’s physical products. All of these products that look like they can use the iOS 7 gird were all made in 2012.

The three devices that fit the iOS 7 icon grid are the Apple TV, Mac Mini, and the iPod Shuffle. On the Apple TV, the grid fits in on the bottom pedestal around the Apple logo. The Apple TV sits on a dark gray foam pedestal so that is where the icon circle fits in. The grid fits in on the Mac Mini, again on the bottom. The bottom door where you can open it and change the RAM is the circle representation for this one. Finally, the grid fits on the round option clicker on the front of the Shuffle. While it is unlikely that Apple used the iOS 7 icon grid on these devices, it sure looks like they could have.

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