iOS 7 Glitch Lets you Put Apps Inside Newsstand

06/28/2013 14:51


A really neat feature with iOS 7 is the ability to put the Newsstand app in a folder. Now I can finally put it in my unused folder! Now, people are finding a new use for the app. With this glitch in Newsstand, you can place other apps in it (like a folder).

To place an app in Newsstand all you have to do is tap and hold an icon until it starts to wiggle. Then move the icon over the Newsstand app. You will do everything as you would if you were placing the app in a folder. The Newsstand app will then open and keep your app in there.

If you want to get that app out of Newsstand you either need to delete the app (if it isn’t a built-in one) or reboot your device. Below is an animation on how to put an app inside of Newsstand.

Newsstand Glitch

Source: Cult of Mac




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