iOS 7 Bug Disables Find my iPhone without Password

02/06/2014 16:11

A new bug found with iOS 7 lets you disable Find my iPhone without using your iCloud password. If you wanted to restore your iPhone, delete the iCloud account off of the device, or disable Find my iPhone you would need to enter your password. After you disable Find my iPhone you can delete that account off of the device and sign in with another account and someone won’t be able to track the device.

With just a few taps Find my iPhone will be disabled and there will be no password required to delete the account off of the device. The major problem with this is that someone who steals another’s iPhone can disable Find my iPhone, restore it to factory settings, and sell it somewhere.

People have tried this on devices running publicly released version of iOS and it works. However, when doing this on a device running iOS 7.1 it doesn’t work. From that we can tell that Apple has likely fixed this issue. You can watch the video on how to do this on your device above. 




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