iOS 6.1 Bug Found

02/15/2013 16:20


A bug in the famous iOS 6.1 was recently discovered. This bug lets you bypass the lock screen (if you have a passcode enabled). While this bug only lets you enter the phone app, it’s still the thought of bypassing your passcode. If you want to try this out for yourself, you can follow the instructions below.

• Lock your iPhone by pressing the Sleep/Wake button

• Press the Home button to wake the device and then perform the slide-to-unlock gesture

• Tap the Emergency Call button

• Now hold the Sleep/Wake button until the power down slider appears

• Tap Cancel

• When the status bar turns blue, punch in ’911 or your emergency number

• Tap the Call button and then immediately cancel the call

• Hit the Sleep/Wake button to lock your iPhone

• Turn it back on by pressing the Home button

• Now perform the slide-to-unlock gesture again

• Hold the Sleep/Wake button and after 3 seconds tap the Emergency Call button




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