I’m going to Mexico!

06/22/2013 09:30


This summer I will be taking a trip to Mexico. I will be there for two weeks. I’m going there for vacation so there won’t be a lot of new articles and videos posted. You can expect only about 4-5 videos over the two-week time I will be gone. Articles should come at about the same amount as they do now, but maybe a little later in the day when I have time to sit down and work on the computer. Depending on how good the Internet connection is in the hotel room, the Tech Letter may not come some days. Don’t worry if you don’t get a Tech Letter one day. The connection could just be slow. By the time you read this I will either be in Mexico or at the airport in San Diego waiting for my connection. I will be back in Washington on Sunday, July 7th.

Note: Keep in mind that where I’m going in Mexico is two hours ahead of time in Washington, where we are located. 




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