IFTTT Launches New Apps

02/19/2015 14:53

Popular automation app IFTTT has today announced three new apps, as well as an update to the main app. First, the IFTTT app is now called IF. In today’s update, the app got a new design and icon. 

Next, IFTTT has announced three new apps. They’re called Do Camera, Do Button, and Do Note. All three of the apps feature IFTTT’s “recipes”, that allow you to do different actions with the applications.

Do Camera allows you to take photos and choose what action to do with them. Do Note allows you to write a note and upload them to places like OneNote, Evernote, Dropbox, and more. Finally, Do Button just features a button that you press to run an action. 

All of the Do apps are available for download for free starting today. The update for IFTTT is also available for download for free today.




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