10/14/2012 15:44

Today I was going to upload a video to Google+ and then my mac wouldn't open any apps.  I forced quit all of the running apps to see if that would help.  It didn't.  I tried to restart it and then it froze on the gray screen.  I held down the power button for several seconds to turn it off.  I left it off for a little bit so I used my iPad.  I was looking around Google+, on the iPad, when I saw the comment box said "-1 comment". I thought that was funny so I took a screen shot of it.  I went to the photo app to crop it.  I clicked the app photes, the photo album that it is in, the photo, edit, and crop.  When I clicked crop the screen, it went to the turning off spin wheel.  I thought the battery was dead, but then the spin wheel froze and it went to the lock screen.  I tried the same thing 2 more times with the same result.  What's wrong with Apple?




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