How to spell Apple's devices names

01/13/2013 14:47


I’ve have seen many people misspell the names of Apple’s devices. It has been in anything from email to even articles. Today I’m going to show you how to correctly spell the names of Apple’s devices.


1. iPhone: When you spell the iPhone it is a lowercase i and capital P.

2. iPad: Same as the iPhone.

3. iPod: Same as the iPhone and iPad.

4. Mac: Capital M.

5. iOS: Lowercase i like in iPhone and capital OS.

6. iMac: Same as the iPhone.

7. AirPrint: Capital A in air and capital P in print. It is one word.

8. AirPort: Capital A in air and capital P in port. It is one word.

9. AppleCare: Capital A in Apple and capital C in care.

10. 4S: When you are talking about the iPhone 4S it is a capital S and 4S in one word.

11. 3GS: When talking about the iPhone 3GS you use a capital G and S. 3GS is one word.

12. iTunes: Same as the iPhone.




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