How to maker free Christmas cards

12/02/2012 14:31


Christmas cards are a way to show your friends how you look that live far away. They also wish people Merry Christmas. With many new apps on devices like an iPhone, iPad, or a Mac some people are turning to an old fashion DIY. Today I’m going to show you how to make great looking Christmas cards for free!

1: First you need to get an app like collage maker lite for the Mac. Collage maker lite for the Mac comes with a whole bunch of Christmas themed backgrounds and animated figures.  Note: this how to will be using the collage maker lite Mac app.

2. Next you pick your favorite pictures to put on the card. Be sure to leave some space to put some text if you want.

3. Next after selecting you pictures drag them on to the card.

4. After resizing the pictures you can add little characters and text to the card. You can also add a border on the end of the card.

5. After you export the card to Finder you can hook up your Mac to a printer and print it out. For the best results you can buy glossy paper to make your card look more professional.

6. After you print and cut you need to mail it!

Have fun making all of the cards! To show you can example of how it works here is a picture below.




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