Google Updates Their Google+ Website

05/15/2013 17:48


Google has just updated the design of their website (as seen in figure 1). The new design resembles their iOS app’s latest update. I can’t say I like the new design. It’s a little hard to navigate around and look at comments and posts. If you want to go to other pages on Google+ you have to hover your mouse over the home button and then a pop out window. This is where you can access your profile and other pages (as seen in figure 4). This is a little hard to do since the menu gets stuck in that position sometimes. Another thing that I don’t like is that you get an update button when a new post comes in (as seen in figure 3). You have to click it every time you want to see new posts. Before it was automatically updated. One new thing that I like is the section to type your post. It is small taking up not a lot of space. When you want to type something the box gets bigger (as seen in figure 2). You also get quick access to uploading photos, videos, and adding a link. What do you think of the new Google+ design? Email us your answer. 




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