Google Now Available in Chrome Canary

01/16/2014 18:38

Google today released a new update to Chrome Canary, their beta version of Chrome. In that update they added Google Now, an alternative to Siri that gives you information like weather and sports scores. To get Google Now on your Mac you first need to download Canary from Google’s website if you don’t already have it. Once Canary downloads open it and go here. Then make sure that the option for Google Now is switched from “Default” to “Enabled”. Be sure to click the relaunch button on the bottom of the page or this will not come into action until you open Canary again. Now check the little notification icon in the top menu bar by your time and date. Click that and there should be some things in there (if you’ve signed in with your Google ID).

Google Now was first seen with Android and made its way into the Google iOS app. Now it’s moving on to Windows, OS X, and Chrome OS. We can expect this to come to the full version of Chrome in a few months. 




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