Flappy Bird to Return to App Store

03/19/2014 16:03

After being removed from the App Store for a little over a month, Flappy Bird is going to back. Last week developer Dong Nguyen had an interview with Rolling Stone, explaining why he removed Flappy Bird from the App Store and that it might come back. Staying true with his word, he announced that Flappy Bird is now going to be back on the App Store. 

In a Tweet a fan asked if he was going to put Flappy Bird back on the App Store. His reply was "Yes. But not soon." Another fan found him at the Game Developers Conference. When asked about bringing the game back Dong said that it will be coming back. Currently, we aren't sure when it will come back to the App Store, but we will be sure to let you know when it does.

Source: Gawker




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