Flappy Bird to be Removed from App Store Tomorrow

02/08/2014 12:03

The very popular and addictive game Flappy Bird is going to be removed from the App Store tomorrow, says to developer Dong Nguyen. Flappy Bird has been the number one app on the App Store for almost four weeks now. The game makes over $10 thousand a day and has millions of users. Dong announced this on Twitter today (Tweet seen above). He promised that it would be removed from the App Store tomorrow because of the amount of attention that app is getting is something he isn’t interested in dealing with. As he also later states, there is no legal problems with the app. It’s just the amount of attention that it’s getting.

Even though he is removing flappy Bird from the App Store his other apps like Super Ball Juggler (my favorite) are staying on. He also said that he will keep making games. For now Dong is not wanting to sell Flappy Bird app to another developer. There is good news, however. Many developers make games similar to Flappy Bird. You can check out a post here with a whole list of the games similar to Flappy Bird. If you also look at the top apps on the App Store the first few are also very similar. 




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