First Look at iOS 7 on the iPad

06/15/2013 14:23


Ever since iOS 7 has released to developers the other day, there have been lots of picture and videos of it on the iPhone, but nothing on the iPad. That’s because the beta of iOS 7 for the iPhone was released at WWDC where the beta for the iPad is still coming. On Apple’s site there are no pictures displayed of an iPad running iOS 7. If you have been through the iOS 7 page you may have seen the compatibility chart. There is where the first picture of the iPad running iOS 7 is located.

There are two icons on the iPad that aren’t on the iPhone. The far left icon on the bottom row is an app that is not featured on the iPhone version. Also, the third row down and third one to the right is another app that is not found on the iPhone. Trust me. They are not on the iPhone. I went through all of the apps on my phone and I didn’t find those apps. Other than that, there is no other difference that we’ve found so far. If you have any thoughts on what those two new apps might be please feel free to email us. 




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