FAA May Allow Tablets During Takeoff and Landing

03/25/2013 08:29


Recent studies from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) show that it might soon be possible to keep your tablets on during takeoff and landing. If their studies show that it is safe to keep tablets on, you will only need to put them in airplane mode rather than turning them completely off. If the FAA decides that it is safe to keep your device in airplane mode, it will apply to tablets, kindles, or other e-readers. This will not apply to cell phones even while they are in airplane mode. They must be powered off.

One member on the FAA, who was asked to be anonymous, said that the they are under pressure to let people use reading devices on planes, or to provide scientific evidence why they cannot.

The FAA began studying this issue last year and will announce their results to us at the end of July which we will have full coverage of. Until July we will have to just turn off our devices or do what most people do, put it in sleep mode and act like you aren’t doing anything wrong.

Source: The New York Times




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