Exclusive: Our iWatch Concept

05/27/2013 12:03


The other day we drew up a concept for the iWatch. The rumors of it have been slowly dying down so we thought it might be interesting to show you what we want in the iWatch.

Starting at the bottom we would want volume buttons for your headphone (when you are taking advantage of the built-in iPod or FaceTime service. To the right of it is the Lightning connector for charging the watch.

Moving up to the middle is the square screen. There is no specific size of screen that we are wanting. You would only get four apps on the watch, music, settings, FaceTime, and the clock. Below the screen is an Apple logo that would serve as a touch capacitive home button. At the top of the screen is the camera, ambient light sensor, and the front facing microphone. The straps for the watch would be normal cloth and act the same as a normal watch.  

Finally, lets got to the top of the watch. To the far left is the 3.5mm headphone jack with a noise-canceling mic to the right. To the far right is the lock/unlock, on/off button. The screen would always be on (unless it’s off), but you would click the lock button to lock the screen so bumping or touching the screen won’t do anything. To get access to the screen again all you need to do is tap the unlock button and slide the unlock slider. 




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