Does anyone use desktop icons anymore?

10/17/2012 17:44


One thing that I was thinking about today was "what happened to the desktop icons?". I was thinking that Apple doesn't use desktop icons unless you have a folder that you moved to the desktop. Also newer models and versions of Microsoft windows also uses a icon bar instead of using the desktop. What is the desktop for? Something to fill up the screen with or just a pretty picture on your computer?
    Sure you can move your icons to the desktop, but it feels and is easier to just have all of your favorite and most used apps in one place. The only things that I have on my desktop is something that I would find in the finder app. As you can see in the picture there is an icon on the desktop that says work. That's a file in finder and I like to have an icon there so I don't have to go to finder, click on pictures, and then select the folder. I could put the folder in the dock, but I don't want the dock to get cluttered.




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