Could the iPhone 5S be put off?

11/06/2012 16:46

Since Steve Jobs died a little over a year ago Apple, has been on its own. Steve was hard at work on the iPhone 5 before he died, so the lucky people who could have the iPhone 5 still have some touches from Steve. Since he was working on the iPhone 5, he couldn't be working on the iPhone 5S. So, this is Apple's first phone on thier own without all of Steve's great ideas. With one less great mind, the iPhone 5S could take longer to make and design. Now that Apple is on their own making the iPhone 5S, could this mean the iPhone 5S will be announced later in the year like November, December or even later? If some of the things that have been released this year (iPod touch , iPod nano 7, iPad 4, iPad mini, MacBook Pro 13" with retina display), without the help of Steve, then I don't think they would not have a time probelm with the iPhone 5S. I saw one place where they said that the iPhone 5S wouldn't be released for 2 more years! Apple may delay the release of the iPhone 5S, but I don't think they will delay it that long. Do I think the iPhone 5S would be put off? I don't think it will be put off 2 years or even a year. If Apple puts the iPhone 5 off, it would probably be 2 to 3 months at the most. I really don't think Apple will put the iPhone 5S off. It will probably be released in September like every other iPhone. We'll just have to wait and see if Apple puts the iPhone 5S off or not.




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