Could the Apple TV Contain an A5X Chip?

03/10/2013 11:09


Back in January, Apple released a new software version for the Apple TV. The new software contained FCC documents for the device. After digging around in the software, it was discovered that the Apple TV third-generation appeared to be using an A5X chip, not the A5 chip Apple advertised for.

This conclusion was made when they saw that the identifier number was S5L8947 where the number on the A5X chip is S5L8945.

Apple did the same thing last year. They shifted it from S5L8940 to S5L8942.

Apple said that this change is designed to be invisible to users offering no changes in features.

The new identifier number means that the chip in it is smaller than the standard A5 chip in something like the iPad 2. The “new A5 chip” is measured at 6 mm by 6 mm. The original chip is 10.09 mm by 12.15 mm.

Why Apple did this is still unknown. It could just be an act to save space in the Apple TV, but right now we aren’t sure. Like Apple said, there is no visible difference to users in the performance so don’t expect to get a better Apple TV for the $99 price tag.

Source: Mac Rumors




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