CES 2015: TapSense Apple Watch Ads

01/05/2015 11:23

We all hate them. Those little, annoying ads that interrupt your gameplay or sit at the bottom of the screen telling you to buy or download something. You wouldn’t think that we’d see anything like that with the Apple Watch, but think again. When walking the CES floors today many people were stunned to see that someone actually took a crack at making Apple Watch apps.

TapSense has taken the liberty to create an SDK for developers when making apps for the Apple Watch. When developers implement this there will be little pop-ups showing ads, right on your watch’s screen! In most of the apps you use today the ads are either powered by Google Ads or Apple’s iAd. Before now, I never thought that ads on a little watch would be possible, much less desirable.

Apple does have ads for iOS apps, but will they take iAds to the Apple Watch? To us, it seems like it’s something Apple wouldn’t take part in. The screen on the watch is just too small to have ads at the bottom of the screen. While you could have pop-up ads, like what TapSense is doing, I still don’t think Apple would offer their own version of ads for the watch. Right now there is no word from Apple on if they will allow developers to add this to their Apple Watch apps.




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