CES 2015: LifeProof Battery Case

01/07/2015 09:28

LifeProof is a popular case make for the iPhone, but now they’re adding a built-in battery into their cases. With the new fre Power case, you get great drop protection and an included 2,600 mAh battery. The case features the same drop and water protection as the current cases, just with an additional battery.

Along with the case at CES this year, LifeProof also announced a new accessory line called LifeActiv. It features different accessories that connect to LifeProof cases and allow you to use them for things like running and biking.

The fre power is coming sometime in 2015 for the iPhone 6. Pricing is not yet set. The LifeActiv line is also coming sometime in 2015. You can learn more about fre Power case here and the LifeActiv line here.




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