CES 2015: Apple Watch Dock

01/05/2015 10:55

While the Apple Watch hasn’t come out yet, it’s not stopping companies from making accessories. Brandstand, a popular iOS dock maker, is showing off their own dock for the Apple Watch at CES today. This is more than a normal dock. It actually has a stand so your watch’s screen will be facing you while it’s charging.

The stand includes an arm that will allow you to tilt it so you can see the watch. It doesn’t include the charger. You will need to provide your own Apple Watch charger, but it has a hole to insert it. The dock also includes a USB hub so you can charge other devices at the same time.

Right now there is no set price on it, as well as a release date. Brandstand says that they’ll finalize the design once the Apple Watch comes out and then start mass production on the dock.




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