CES 2014: Wireless iPhone Charging

01/07/2014 16:01

One of the most interesting things at CES this year has to be a new wireless charging case for the iPhone. This case is made by WiTricity and will work with the iPhone 5 and 5s. The way it works is you get a case to put on your phone. On the bottom is a Lightning connector, which will give power to your device. You will also get a charging pad. Once you put your iPhone on pad it will automatically start charging. Another neat feature with what WiTricity is doing is by using magnets to send the power across a short distance. What this means is that if you don't want to have your device on the pad you can use their distance feature to have to pad out of sight and still have your device charging. 

The WiTricity charging system for the iPhone 5/5s includes a wireless charging hub and a charging sleeve that fits an iPhone 5 or 5s. Similar to other protective covers, the WiTricity sleeve quickly slides onto an iPhone 5/5s and is powered when in proximity to the WiTricity charging hub. Capable of charging two phones concurrently, the charging hub can be placed on top of a table as an upright or flat charging pad, or mounted underneath a table or desk for charging through the surface. By mounting the charging pad under a surface, smartphone users are freed from the tangle of charging cords and cluttered desktops.

However, if you want this case you'll be out of luck for a while. They were only at CES to show off the case, not to get buyers. The whole thing is a prototype. Right now they are looking for a company to partner with. For this case to actually come out an accessory company would need to partner with them. Then they will be able to make the product. 




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