Blackberry Z10 By The Numbers

04/11/2013 17:07


The Blackberry Z10 was supposed to be the comeback phone for Blackberry and the competitor of the iPhone, but the numbers aren’t saying so. We gathered up the all of the recent reports about the Z10 and it seems that the phone isn’t as popular as Blackberry was hoping.

Note: All of the links to where we got the info is located at the bottom of this article.

This first set of numbers that we got was the return percent. It turns out that 50% of buyers return the Z10. Blackberry issued a statement saying that the Z10 was returned just as much as any other smart phone including the iPhone. They also said the Z10 turned out better than they expected in return rates in some regions.

Next is the number of people who don’t even know about it. A recent poll says that 83% of people don’t event know about the Z10 or the Blackberry 10 platform.

The final number is the amount of people who would even want this. The report says that 71% of people would not even consider the Z10 under any circumstances. That makes the rate of people wanting it at 29% (simple math). That doesn’t mean that 29% of people are buying this. That’s the number of people who would even consider the phone.

With iOS and Android being the focus of the market, we can see that Blackberry has a long way to go. While the Z10 is a good phone, it isn’t good enough to even get up to the level that the iPhone is at.


Return rate

People who don’t know about it

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