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12/26/2012 12:59

Many people around the world have a new IOS device on their wish list. Now if you are one of the few lucky people who got one here is some of the must need accessories:

1. Lightning to 30-pin connector: If you got a new device with the lightning connector and you have some cables with the 30-pin connector this is a must need accessory. With this you can plug the connector into your lightning connector device and then you can use all of your 30-pin cables with your iPad 4, iPad mini, iPhone 5, iPod touch 5, or iPod nano 7 .

 2. Smart cover: The Apple smart cover is a great product for turning your iPad 2, 3, 4, or mini into an iPad that can stand. You can use the smart cover to stand up your iPad for FaceTime calls or use it in a lower position for playing games.

3. Apple EarPods: The new EarPods are some of the best quality in-ear headphones that I’ve used. The new look and sound are a huge step up from the previous model. 

4. Lightning to Micro USB adapter: If you are more of a micro USB type of person Apple has thought of you. You can plug the adapter into your lightning connector device and then you can use your micro USB cables. 

5. Lightning to SD card reader: If you are a serious video recorder like me then this is for you. You can put  in your SD card in the camera in the connector and you can edit and publish your videos right on your iPad.

6. Lightning to USB camera adapter: Another way to connect your camera via USB. If you don’t or can’t use an SD card you can use this one. Just like the SD card reader it automatically opens the photo app and you can edit and publish from your iPad.

            New with these 6 accessories you can get the most out of your iPad.   

You can get the accessories here:


2. iPad mini: Full size iPad:









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