Best Buy Rumored to Add a Samsung Store Within Their Stores

03/30/2013 16:20


If you walk into a Best Buy you will most likely see a little piece of the store dedicated to Apple with a few MacBooks and iMacs. It is rumored that Apple might have to share some of it space with its competitors, Samsung. A report from says that similar Samsung shops will soon join the Apple shops. says that Samsung will do this in an effort to promote the Galaxy S4. has been told that the first wave of high traffic Best Buy locations will soon be receiving instruction to remove two aisles next to their mobile department and prepare to install a new Samsung store. This new section will be dressed in large Samsung signage and offer custom demo stations for many of Samsung’s products. Locations with the new section will be issuing special training sessions for employees in the mobile department, focusing heavily on how to show off Samsung-specific features.

The report also says that the S4 will be the featured product alongside other Samsung products. 




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