Best Black Friday Deals

11/27/2013 14:09

This Black Friday there will be lots of sales, but finding the perfect ones for the tech lover is hard. We’ve gathered a list of different categories of tech items for everyone in the family… at the lowest price!


iPad Air: $479 (plus $100 gift card; save $20 w/o gift card; Target)

iPad 2: $299 (save $100; Bust Buy)

iPad mini 1: $199 (save $100; Walmart)

iPhone 5s: $0 (save $199; T-Mobile)

iPhone 5c: $0 (save $99; Walmart)

32GB iPod touch: $249.99 (save $50; Best Buy)

iPod nano: $99.99 (save $50; Best Buy)

13.3-inch Retina MacBook Pro: $1,100 (save $200; Best Buy)

15.4-inch Retina MacBook Pro: ($150 savings on all models; Best Buy)

11 and 13-inch MacBook Air: ($150 savings on all models; Best Buy)

21.4-inch iMac: $1,099: (save $200; Best Buy)


AirPort Extreme: $179.99 (save $20; Best Buy)

Apple TV: $84.99 (save $15; Best Buy)

LifeProof Case (4/4S, 5/5s): $50 (save $30; Best Buy)

Dr. Dre Beats Solo: $144.95 (save $85; Walmart)

Chromecast: $29.99 (save $5; Best Buy)


Infinity Blade: Free (save $5.99; App Store)

MyMail Secure: Free (save $0.99; iap-Software)

Custom Chrome App: $5-$15 (save up to $8; iap-Software)

Inbox Cleaning: $5-$6 (save $4; iap-Software)


More items will be added and updated as we find more deals and free items. 




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