Australian Woman gets Scammed $1,335 on iPhone Purchase

08/05/2013 09:27

A 21-year-old woman from Brisbane, Australia was just scammed out of $1,500 AUD (or about $1,335 USD) when she bought two iPhones. She put up an ad asking for two unlocked iPhones on an Australian site called Gumtree, which is the Australian version of Craigslist. Not long after another woman called and said she had exactly what she was looking for.

They met at a McDonalds where the transaction took place. One brought the iPhones and the other brought the money. The two phones were sealed in the box with the shrink-wrap on. They looked new but she never checked inside.

When she got home the boxes where then opened and then revealed a big surprise. The boxes did, in fact, contain apples, but they were the fruit, not the phone or the computer or the tablet.

To make sure this never happens to you there are a few things that you need to go over before you buy a used iPhone. This support forum gives some really good items to go over before you buy a used iPhone. Note: One thing that this does not go over is opening the box to make sure that it is in there, but that is a given if you are going to follow these steps.  

Source: Herald Sun




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