AT&T Running 50% Off iPhone Deal

06/22/2013 19:49


Just like Walmart, AT&T is also offering a special discount on the iPhone. Not only is this deal for the iPhone, but all of the devices that they carry. This isn’t big news for Android, Windows, or Blackberry devices since they are always having some discount on then (probably because no one likes them), but there is almost never a deal on the iPhone.

This makes the iPhone 5 $99, down from $199 and the iPhone 4S $50, down from $99. All phones have free shipping if you decide to grab this deal. To be able to take advantage of the 50% off any phone deal, you need to signup for a 2-year contract.

This is the best deal that we have seen running right now. Walmart is offering the iPhone 5 with service from AT&T for $129, where AT&T is offering it for $99. We recommend getting an iPhone 5 directly from AT&T instead of Walmart. 




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