Apps Being Updated for Apple Watch [Updated]

03/26/2015 12:43

Today we are seeing the first app updates for apps that support the Apple Watch. These apps will support the use with Apple Watch without the need to download them from the Apple Watch app.

Today we’re seeing updates from Evernote, Dark Sky Weather, and Target. With Evernote, you can now dictate your notes to the watch, see recently updated notes, search notes, and create reminders. Dark Sky now includes a new interface that will work on the Apple Watch. It has all of the features as the full app, but for the watch. The Target app adds the ability to add items to your list, find aisle locations, and see when stores are open near you. This is, of course, all done right from your wrist.

All of these apps will be able to work on the Apple Watch from day one. However, since the watch isn’t out yet we won’t be able to try them for another month. 


A full list of apps updated to support the Apple Watch can be found here.




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