Apple’s Widget Download Page is Broken

05/31/2013 18:40


As noted by MacRumors this morning, the download page for Apple’s Dashboard Widgets is currently down. When you go to the link provided in the Dashboard, it usually takes you to the download section, but now it’s redirecting you to the main Apple download page. Right now it’s unclear why the link is not working.

It seems that Apple is less interested in supporting the Dashboard. They first introduced the Dashboard in OS X 10.4 Tiger back in 2005. Then in early 2011 Apple stopped supporting widgets on their site. This means that they stopped accepting widget submissions. This is really something that isn’t good for people who have a great idea for a widget since they can’t put it on Apple’s site. That’s why we need an email request for you to download our widget. We have to send you the widget file and then you can add the widget to your Dashboard.

Update: By the time this article was published, the page was back up and working. 




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