Apple's Lunar New Year Sale Starts

01/09/2014 16:43

Apple's Lunar New Year sale has started today in Asian countries. Two days ago they first announced the sale. However, unlike their Black Friday sale with gift cards, the "Red Friday" sale is offering discounts on the iPhone, Retina iPad mini, iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad 2, MacBooks, iMacs, and iPods. There are no discounts on accessories. 

You will save HK$ 390 or $50 USD on all iPhones. Off contract the iPhone 5s is HK$ 5,198 or $670, the iPhone 5c is HK$ 4,298 or $554, and the iPhone 4S is HK$ 3,098 or $399. You will also save up to HK$ 310 or $40 off of the iPad. On each Mac you will save HK$ 770 or $99. As for the iPods, you can save up to HK$ 230 or $29. 

Since it's Friday in Asia the sale is going on today and will end at the end of today. You can go to Apple Retail stores in Asia to get the discount or buy items on their online store here.




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