AppleCare+ Pricing for Apple Watch Leaked

04/03/2015 11:08

The pricing for AppleCare+ for the Apple Watch has been leaked. The information that has been shared shows how much it will cost for AppleCare+ for the Apple Watch Sport, Steel, and Edition. For the Apple Watch Sport it will cost an additional $59. For the classic Apple Watch, it will cost $79. And to protect your $10,000+ investment, it will cost $999.

Right now we can’t verify if these numbers are true or not, but the same numbers have been shared with many different people. These numbers seem accurate and are said to have come right from Apple. We won’t know for sure if these are real or not until it’s available for pre-order next Friday.

AppleCare+ adds an extended warranty to your watch. It also features better support, including phone support.

Source: MacRumors




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