Apple Watch Companion App Revealed

03/13/2015 15:53

With iOS 8.2 Apple included the new Apple Watch app built in. However, since none of us have the watch we can’t see what’s passed the setup screen. Now, developer Hamza Sood was able to get into the app and is now showing photos of what it looks like inside.

Within the confounds of the app we get a dark menu system that looks very similar to the Settings app for iOS. There’s different options like the app layout, basic settings, notification settings, passcode, sounds, and more. There are also some interesting options, like the ability to change the screen orientation for those who would want to wear the watch on the right wrist. You can also adjust which way the digital crown turns for certain actions, taking in account for which wrist you’re wearing the watch.

We also see options like Handoff, where you can pick up where you left off from the watch on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Finally, there are options like software updates, accessibility tweaks, and more. You can view the full gallery of screenshots here.




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