Apple to Seed iOS 7.1 Beta 4 Tomorrow

01/20/2014 10:09

Apple may release iOS 7 beta 4 to developers tomorrow, according to BGR. They also said that Apple has already seeded this to carriers, who are testing it right now.

We are told there are various fixes in this latest version, including fixing keyboard issues, problems with the contacts app, more changes to the phone UI, and other changes. We have heard from sources that with iOS 7.1, Apple is working very hard to address some large memory bugs and other issues in iOS 7 that have caused crashes and restarts for a lot of people. Additionally, iOS 7.1 should help unify iOS 7 better graphically, with various user interface updates across the entire system and in apps for a more cohesive feel.

However, BGR is not that good when it comes to predicting iOS releases. It’s also unlike Apple to release another beta version of iOS 7.1 a weeks after the third one. Ever since beta 1 a new version has been coming one month after the other. This time it would be a little over one week. 




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