Apple to End Aperture Development

06/27/2014 13:42

Apple is going to end development of the photo editing Mac app Aperture, says The Loop. Instead, Apple is going to replace it with a new OS X Photos app that will come with Yosemite. Apple announced the new Photos app at WWDC this year, but never said anything about their other photo apps, like Aperture. In a statement from Apple, they said that:

With the introduction of the new Photos app and iCloud Photo Library, enabling you to safely store all of your photos in iCloud and access them from anywhere, there will be no new development of Aperture. When Photos for OS X ships next year, users will be able to migrate their existing Aperture libraries to Photos for OS.

At this point there is no info on Apple's site about the new photos app so we currently don't know much about what the app will do or look like. When more info comes out about it we will be sure to let you know. 




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